Dark Desires

by Elessär

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son_of_twilight thumbnail
son_of_twilight Totally agree with criticist Brian DuBois. Elessär have created an amazing album. It's both powerful and melodical. And dangerously underrated. Favorite track: Ice Queen.
Ryan Young
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Ryan Young I've only heard a few songs so far, but what I have heard sounds really good!
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In symphonic metal, either you’re amazing or you’re forgettable. There is no in between. Edenbridge is one of the bands that seems to miss the mark with every album. While they have moments that make you think that they’ve finally got it, they end up pulling the rug out from underneath you. Then you have bands like Epica and Sirenia who keep getting better. I thought that Sirenia’s “Perils of the Deep Blue” was the ”be all, end all” for symphonic, female fronted metal. It looks like I was wrong. Coming out of absolutely nowhere, Elessär releases a masterpiece. Before I get started, I have to nerd-out for a second. Elessär is an elfstone that Aragorn is given in Lord of the Rings. It’s also the name given to Aragorn by the people of Minas Tirith. Enough of the nerd lesson. Saying that “Dark Desires” is a huge surprise is an understatement. If I said I’ve heard of this band before now, I’d be lying to you. I don’t know much about their history, but what I can tell you is that “Dark Desires” is Elessär’s first album and it’s incredible. If this album doesn’t get some recognition, there is something wrong with the world.


- Brian DuBois



released August 9, 2013


all rights reserved



Elessär Neuquén, Argentina

Formed in July 2007. Its sound is heavily influenced by European bands of Symphonic Metal, a sound that is characteristic both for the inclusion of a female lyrical voice and for outstanding orchestral arrangements.
Throughout 2017 the band has been dedicated to producing their second independent album, "Kósmos", which was released on April 2019.
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Track Name: Ice Queen
Ice Queen

From far away lands
between mountains and white trees
I can't stand the cold in my heart
Who will set me free?

Dancing in the snow
Like a fairy from a tale
I can feel it right now
the cold is fading away
What is awaiting for me?

You came to me, you stared at me
you melted away all my fears, my frozen tears
I wish that someday I could make you feel
the same you made me feel tonight
My queen from far away snow lands

"Everything in life has at least two points of view
don't make a mistake, your life is the price , don't
believe everything you see..."

"A hunter and his pray, a lover and his maid...what's the difference? It depends on what you see..."
Track Name: Heroes Born Dead
Heroes born dead

Thinking and feeling
Brilliantly for their time
Maybe someday
Somebody will understand…

Most of the time
Undermined by the majority
Unable to demotivate
Them through their strange ideas

Running nonstop
Although the winds blow hard
Living nonstop
Although their lives are against them
Running nonstop
Although the winds blow hard
Fighting nonstop
Even knowing the end.

The flowers lie in their graves
Dead and forgotten by their uselessness
But the souls of these men
Are beyond time
And now, people can understand
Heroes born dead.
Track Name: The lonely warrior's fate
The Lonely Warrior's fate

Crossing a valley...
All I can see are some trees
and a hundred of men slayed
by my legendary sword

Not just for king's orders
Not just for earning money
I feel like this is the only
thing that i'm good at...

I saw you there
How can I forget the moonlight in your eyes?
Aren't you a myth?

Valkyrie, May I be worthy
of fight alongside you for all eternity?
Valkyrie, could you be the one
Who will free my soul of this misery

The souls of the brave
May have a chance to be saved
The goddess of death
Takes the chosen within her

The greatest honor
What every hero is waiting for
To be chosen by you
Is why I’ll die for
Track Name: A kiss and a rose
A kiss and a rose

Look into my eyes
And see your future inside
What is awaiting for me
At the end of this road

I have always been afraid
of losing things that I don't have
those things that make me feel
like I’m just what we are

In the sky, in the wind
I can see, I can feel
that I’m not the one

I knew it would finally come
the day to make a choice
you've always been the answer
and this time...

In the sky, in the wind
I can see, I can feel
that I’m not the one

I knew it would finally come
the day to make a choice
you've always been the answer
and this time...

To see what I've always dreamed
I'll do anything
The only thing that means something to me

To see in your eyes
That you finally have
what you can't have with me

All I can leave you is this...
Track Name: Puppet Girl
Puppet girl

Sweet puppet girl
Don’t go away from me
Sleep under my nails
Your strings belong to me

Tonight I longed to see you
Falling from your heart
Come to me today
Don’t cut the strings that hold me

Tell me why I am your slave
Tell me why I belong to you
Tell me why I am your slave
Tell me why I belong to you

Underneath this sea of pain
I felt nothing inside of me
Sunk into my only you
the only thing I need

Now your dreams failed
Your life is mine
Now is time to see you in pain
Your strings on fire, belong to me
Track Name: My soul my life
My soul my life

The moon is witness of our nights
I never imagine your eyes;
Beautiful loneliness
Thousands of tears the stars cried
Making the most beautiful rose

Echoes from your voice
Are my heartbeats, listen to them

I saw in your eyes the hell
I transformed it into love.
In your eyes I see loneliness, my loneliness.
I saw in your eyes the hell,
Transformed it into love
We are only one.

I raise my glance towards the moon,
And ask the gods a place between them
It’s my wish to be with you, forever…

Echoes from your heartbeats
I will in your soul
I will lift my dreams to the heaven,
Your eyes glow in each of them
Track Name: Dark Desires
Dark Desires

Alone, for having committed a crime
Lost in time
My path to eternity
Why?... my destiny.

I’ve been searching till my last breath
A way to warm my cold soul
If only I knew where
If I could find you .

A body without a soul
A spirit without a song
A poet who has lost everything
Why?... my destiny.

But my life will last forever
My pain will be with me until death
I only need to warm my cold soul
If only I could find you.

Come and get me out
Of the darkness where I am
Take me to a place where my soul finds peace
Come and get me out
Of the darkness where I am
And make me dream… away from here.

Dark desires haunt my spirit
And drown me into a deep ocean
Take my fantasies and make them real
Free my body from this hell.
Track Name: Your own being
Your own being
Hearing thougths
About how is supposed to be
I resist the destruction
of personal qualities

Comes the night and in my eyes
a new world is borning
Poetry in action
but they say
it’s only rotation and translation

A wolf is getting me nowhere
drinking my blood
killing myself

Common sense
Or good sense
Social convenience
or control system

You just need to keep alive
your own being
kill the wolf of ignorance
Track Name: We change or we die
We Change, or We Die

That will take us to our own death
And dig our own graves.
Cus that will take us, together
And we’ll be only one

And now it seems there are
no more ways to improve
Cus we lack of freedom
To decide for our lives

Cause we allowed that other
To do it for us
Cause we feel fear in this time
Cause we allowed that someone
To do it for us
and control our lives
We change, or We Die.

Waiting for a salvation
Trying to find the guilty
Of the sick Human situation

While we do not realize
That it’s a society
That clings to hatred, greed and fear
As a way of our own manipulation…
Track Name: Unforgotten Wishes
Unforgotten wishes

Old ghosts from the past
Their shadows in my head
So many years have passed
And now the wind blows again.

Trying to go one
Don’t look back this time
Sleep on the silence
Covered for an ice shell

Let me hear your voice
Feeding my deepest wishes
Take this lonely soul
Blow away my senses

I can’t read your feelings
Maybe they are not the same
But I’ll climb this ancient mountain
Only to see how deep I can fall.

Like a grey feather
Flying under the moonlight
I’ll wait for the moment
For the early years fantasy

Let me hear your voice
Feeding my deepest wishes
Sing these sweetest notes
Blow away my senses

Take this lonely soul
Erasing old visions
Let me hear your voice

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